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USB Boot disks

How to make your first USB Boot Drive.

You can place most any operating system on a USB Drive, and boot it up on your Windows computer. You can boot up Apple OS, Dos, Linux, Chrome OS and many, many more. We are here to show you how. Your Windows is not activated and for the most part, stays out of the way while you are using the USB boot Drive.  Remove the USB Drive and you are back to your good old Windows.
What are USB boot disks? First of all they are not disks they are drives. They are some times called “thumb drives”,  “pen drives”, “memory sticks” or just plain “USB drives”.  You may have one in your pocket or plugged into your laptop computer. You may have stored your pictures on them or, what ever. Yes, most of these little guys can be made to start up on their own without using windows. Here on this site I will just use the name “USB drives” to describe the drives that are similar to the ones in the picture above.

You say, “Why would anyone care to boot onto a different operating system?  My pictures and other stuff look just fine in Windows”. The truth is that there are gobs of stuff out there that Windows won’t run. Old Apple programs, old Dos programs and games, new/old Linux, old Minux and the list goes on. For example, did you know that Dell computers sells laptops with Linux OS in place of Windows? Click here to see a sample of what I an talking about.

Make your first USB Boot drive plug and play

Supper easy 3 steps to make your first USB bootable drive. Click
“1st Boot Disk” button. If you are a newbie, this is the place where you want to start. Once you get the hang of things, you should Be able to build this project in less than two minutes from start to finish. Once you complete this project you then can select from a list of things on the download page.

For many people the 3 steps above moves to slow. You can click
“Quick Start” and skip most of all of this babble. Return to the 3 steps above if you get stuck.

Click on the “site index” button  for a list of projects in order by difficulty.
New and better contents programs and other ISO file are in the making.

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